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Tabletop Talk

Can players and GMs get more from their sessions with improv tools? Craig sits down with Karen and Sean Nittner to discuss the new Improv for Gamers Second Edition, and why Evil Hat is using Gamefound as their crowdfunding platform.


Wandering DMs

Dan and Paul interview Karen to talk about improv and how using tools from that field are essential to a great D&D game.


+1 Prestige Class

Tony and Karen talk about improv in RPGs, improv, and life, along with the upcoming Second Edition.

The Critshow

Rev and Karen open an episode of The Critshow talking about all the changes in Second Edition.


+1 Forward

Karen joins Rach and Rich on +1 Forward to talk about Second Edition and the importance of strong relationships between PCs. They even play a few games from the book!


The Redacted Files

Aser and Megan chat with Karen on The Redacted Files about what’s new in Improv for Gamers Second Edition.

Dragon Talk: How to DM

Karen and Shelly Mazzanoble chat on Dragon Talk about what DMs can learn from improv and how they can bring it to their table.

Tea Talk: Improve with Improv

A very festive tea talk with The Anxious DM about improv, gaming, and editing.

Keep the Game Moving

Ezra Denney and Karen chat about how improv makes you a better GM, safety and respect tools at the table, and the magic behind running Powered by the Apocalypse games.

Mansalva de Rol: Interview

Karen joins a special episode of the Mansalva de Rol podcast to chat about her favorite improv exercises, thoughts on the theory crossover between improv and gaming, and how things have changed as both hobbies moved online. Be sure to check out their 8-part series of playing through exercises in the book and adapting them for their own settings and characters!

Metatopia 2020: Celebrate Failure

Karen joins Jay Treat to discuss how improv can help you overcome your fear of failure, and how the “fail forward” mindset applies to games, game design, and collaborative play. Featuring audience participation from special guests!


Ludology: Improv-ing Games

Karen chats with Emma Larkins and Gil Hova on an episode of Ludology about straddling of the worlds of gaming and improv, how it led her to write the book Improv for Gamers, and what gaming and improv can learn from each other.

Cannibal Halfling Gaming

Seamus Conneely of Cannibal Halfling Gaming combines a conversation with Karen and a review of the book, touching upon the origins of the workshops, the book’s design process, and what’s next for Improv for Gamers.

The Redacted Files

Aser Tolentino from The Redacted Files gives an excellent review of the book and its usefulness for roleplayers of all types.


Plot Points Podcast

Karen and Ben Riggs chat in an episode of Plot Points Podcast about how the games they played changed over the years, the great debate over “play acting,” and the first time they each embarrassed themselves in front of someone famous. Click over to the Plot Points website to check it out!

That DnD Podcast

That DnD Podcast featured Improv for Gamers in two episodes! First up was an interview with Erin Castillo, Renee Doiron, Zach Cullimore, and Karen Twelves, talking about the development of the workshops and the book, and some of the shared theories of play in improv and gaming.

Karen joined the DnD Podcast folks again to put theory into action and play some improv!

The Critshow Podcast

Rev and Tass of The Critshow chat at the end of Episode 55 about Improv for Gamers and what insights they had as fellow dual-classed improvisor-gamers. Check it out:

Gaming with Gage: Sean Nittner

Sean Nittner from Evil Hat sits down with Gage Verronneau to chat about the publishing process and current projects. Check out the discussion of Improv for Gamers starting at 26:33!


The Gauntlet Podcast

Lovely chat with Jason Cordova on The Gauntlet podcast about improv, performative play and creativity, capped off with what is currently bringing us joy!

She’s a Super Geek

Mia and Karen joined Senda and Andi from She’s a Super Geek to talk about improv, how the workshops developed, and play some fun games!

Gnome Stew

Gnome Stew provides a comprehensive review of our book and what readers can expect to learn from it.


The Anxious Gamer

An insightful review by Eleanor Hingley, with thoughts on how to expand and customize improv for tabletop groups!

Once Upon a Game

Eric Vulgaris featured Improv for Gamers on Once Upon a Game. We played some fun and silly improv, and also stretched our repertoire of character voices.

Twitch Stream with Ash McAllan

Fun times were had playing some improv games on Twitch, hosted by Ash McAllan, and talking about what we all can take away from it to apply to our roleplaying experiences.

Review: Improv for Gamers

A comprehensive review from Brazillian reader, Fábio Emilio Costa.

Super Geeked Up

Jeff, Francis, and Karen discover the hidden secrets of Ewoks and anteaters while playing Animal Secrets! Check that out and more geeky improv fun in this special episode of Super Geeked Up!